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Match Day: How it Works, And How it Feels

Posted by Jason Reminick on Mar 11, 2019 10:44:03 AM

Formally, Match Day at the end of Match Week is the pinnacle moment in a medical student’s educational journey. It is that day when the residency interview and application matching process reaches its conclusion, and students learn the location where they will be training as a resident.

The Ultimate Guide to the Medical Residency Match Process

Posted by Jason Reminick on Mar 9, 2019 11:01:01 AM

Learning to become a medical doctor is a long, grueling, complicated, expensive and difficult process. So is matching to a residency, albeit on a slightly smaller scale.

Months of applications, interviews, travel, and ranking of preferred programs end in Match Week and ultimately Match Day, the third Friday in March. This all-important day is the culmination of hard work, hopes, and dreams. It is also the result of some complex processes and algorithms, all aimed at matching the right doctors-in-training to the right residency programs.


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