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Jason Reminick, MD, MBA, MS, is the CEO and Founder of Thalamus. He is passionate about medical innovation, education, and technology. Jason is a published author with work featured in top journals including The Journal of Graduate Medical Education (JGME) and The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Formerly, Jason trained in the combined Pediatrics/Anesthesiology residency program at Stanford University with clinical interests in pediatric chronic pain management. He was recognized as a Physician of Tomorrow award recipient (2012) by the American Medical Association for his entrepreneurial and medical journalism pursuits. Trapped in NYC during Hurricane Sandy at the start of his residency application season, Jason and Thalamus Co-Founder Dr. Suzie Karan, are committed to optimizing the application process for applicants and programs alike.

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How Thalamus Helps Match a Resident to the Right Program

Posted by Jason Reminick on Apr 30, 2019 8:19:02 AM

Thalamus is the premier GME interview management solution. Now having completed our fifth residency recruitment season and NRMP Match, Thalamus has taken the lead as the most-preferred interview scheduling platform for applicants, program coordinators, program directors, and GME leadership.

Topics: Thalamus, Match Process, Application Process, ERAS, Application Tips

Match Day: How it Works, And How it Feels

Posted by Jason Reminick on Mar 11, 2019 10:44:03 AM

Formally, Match Day at the end of Match Week is the pinnacle moment in a medical student’s educational journey. It is that day when the residency interview and application matching process reaches its conclusion, and students learn the location where they will be training as a resident.

Topics: Match Day, Match Process, NRMP

The Ultimate Guide to the Medical Residency Match Process

Posted by Jason Reminick on Mar 9, 2019 11:01:01 AM

Learning to become a medical doctor is a long, grueling, complicated, expensive and difficult process. So is matching to a residency, albeit on a slightly smaller scale.

Months of applications, interviews, travel, and ranking of preferred programs end in Match Week and ultimately Match Day, the third Friday in March. This all-important day is the culmination of hard work, hopes, and dreams. It is also the result of some complex processes and algorithms, all aimed at matching the right doctors-in-training to the right residency programs.

Topics: Match Process, Application Process, NRMP, ERAS

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